Do we really need another Singularity related blog?


Numerous blogs are doing good work by chronicling the Singularity-related news of the day. They’re meeting a critical need and we’re all in their debt.

I feel that there’s still a lot to be done to cobble the many factoids together into something that approaches a bigger, more useful picture.

Trying to make sense of it all is why we’re here.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back often. I promise to never waste your time or publish drivel.

Matt McGuirl

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  1. chaley67 says:


    I think we need as many blogs about this as we can! We each have our own network of friends that read our blogs, and listen to us. These people may not hear about the singularity in any other way, at least early on, so by blogging, we are all doing our part to spread the news. And those friends tell their friends, and those friends…


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