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How long did you want that space elevator cable?

Crossposted to the Lifeboat Foundation Blog Many of you have recently read that a research team at the University of Illinois led by Min-Feng Yu has developed a process to grow nanowires of unlimited length. The same process also allows … Continue reading

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“Vocal Terror” or Even Better Phishing Scams?

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists warn of ‘vocal terror’ According to Dr. David Howard of the University of York, soon a computer will have the ability to sound exactly like someone we trust. Dr. Howard sees this as a … Continue reading

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SCADA (in)Security’s Going to Cost Us

When I read about the “Aurora Generator Test” video that has been leaked to the media I wondered “why leak it now now and who benefits.” Like many of you, I question the reasons behind any leak from an “unnamed … Continue reading

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Do we really need another Singularity related blog?

Yes. Numerous blogs are doing good work by chronicling the Singularity-related news of the day. They’re meeting a critical need and we’re all in their debt. I feel that there’s still a lot to be done to cobble the many … Continue reading

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